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Hair Salon Zandi K - Riki CowellHair Salon Zandi K - Riki Cowell

Riki Cowell


Riki was born and raised in Colorado and is proud of it! She has been in the beauty industry since 2011 and has loved her choice ever since. Riki is a homegrown ZK Babe, beginning as a support staff, competing the Zandi K Apprentice Program and then making the transition to a successful stylist. One thing that Riki truly believes is that you have to keep learning and evolving as a stylist. She attends multiple classes a year to be up to date on current styles and techniques. Riki is all about family and loves when they are all in her chair! She excels at natural coloring with amazing dimension. Her favorite part of the service is the finished look, its the most important part!

Come see me! My haircut price is: $70.00

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