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UPDATED 9/14/20

We know that it’s a new work world we’re in, and we want to make sure our clients and staff can be prepared for the new salon experience. It is extremely important to read through all the details posted below before your upcoming appointment at Zandi K Salons and text our system back, or before visiting Zandi K Salons.


    • Must show zero signs of illness or COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days
    • Must bring a mask to your appointment with you
    • One person per appointment – no guests / children / friends
    • Please minimize personal belongings brought to your appointment, they will need to stay with your person during your entire visit
    • Arrive with clean and dry hair
    • We are providing a touchless check out experience, so we will  be collecting your payment information while booking your appointment
    • Please let us know in your text thread if you have used at home color so that we can setup a digital consultation before your appointment to ensure proper booking!


    • When arriving to Zandi K Salons for your appointment, please wait in your car. Do not call us when you arrive, we will text you when we are ready for you to come inside! We do not currently have a waiting area, so it’s important for you to wait outside of the salon until you receive our text to come inside! 
    • We will take your temperature when you enter the salon for your appointment. 
    • You will need to have a mask for the entirety of your visit that fastens around your ears.
    • You will be asked to sanitize your hands and phone upon arriving.
    • Your stylist will greet you with an elbow bump (please no hugging, even though we want to!)
    • Your stylist will take you to their sanitized ZK Zone for your service!


    • Clean capes and towels are and always have been used for every ZK guest.
    • Please let us know in your text thread if you would like to minimize your time in the salon and not receive a blowout to finish your service
    • You will need to remain in your stylist’s ZK Zone during your service.
    • Please do not bring any guests/children/friends to your appointment.
    • Our support team will reschedule you in your ZK Zone during your appointment or your processing time!
    • Please do not bring any food or open drink during your appointment, we are unable to allow it into the salon and every guest must have a mask on during their entire time in the salon.


    • Service providers will FULLY sanitize all areas in their ZK Zone with medical grade disinfectant, above and beyond the DORA mandated guidelines.
    • Service providers will wash their hands and sanitize before every guest
    • Our tools and brushes have always been and will continue to be fully sanitized between every guest
    • Support team members will FULLY Sanitize all waiting, reception, and retail areas between each client and will sanitize and switch gloves before every client interaction.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of the above precautions and protocol taken by our Zandi K Family. After reading all of the above information, before coming to your appointment at Zandi K Salons, you MUST be able to answer YES to all of the following questions:

    • I am currently aware of and following all of the Colorado guidelines
    • I am aware of the precautions Zandi K Salons is taking for my safety, and their teams safety
    • Currently, I am feeling healthy and have had no symptoms of Covid-19
    • I have not had a fever in the last 14 days

Don’t forget to text back our team and let them know you have read and understand all of the above information! A comment on this blog post will NOT count as your agreement to our new terms of service and sanitation. 



56 thoughts on “RE-OPENING FAQ’s

  1. I reviewed the information and texted my response of Yes for an appointment today but didn’t get a confirmation. Can someone call or text me to confirm I’m still on for my appointment today at 5:45 with Ranae?


  2. Can you please clarify the request to have hair pre-washed two hours before the service? For example, if I have an appointment at 4:45 and washed my hair that morning, I would need to wash my hair again by 2:45 pm? Because I’m coming from work, could I wash my hair an hour before my appointment?

  3. I have read and understand the information. I would like to purchase the following Aveda products: Invati shampoo and Invati Volumizing Tonic andPhomolient tomorrow after my hair cut. Thank you. See you at 6:30

  4. I have read and understand policy for service. I need to give you a credit card for service. I’m around to give you cc info over the phone. Thanks!

  5. I do not have a thermometer so hopefully can be tested with one of yours. Also, I have colored at home with semi permanent color, and need some treatment in addition to the cut to help with dryness and add some shine.

  6. I absolutely would love after my color and hair cut, I Blowdry to b able to see the results please let me know if still can b posible.

  7. I accept this new protocols. However, I do prefer for my hair to be blow dried and somewhat nice as I leave. I completely understand everything behind the protocols but if I am paying for this full service, and having a balayage I won’t know if I’m happy unless my hair is fully dried and done. If Zandik isn’t able to do this I may need to rethink this appointment. I hope you understand that having wet hair and balayage isn’t the same as getting it done and I like to know if I’m happy with it. I hope You understand my concerns. Thank you.

    1. Keren, I hope you enjoyed your sevice with Lindsey. Sorry we did not see this concern before your appointment. We are excited to move into phase two of our protocols and be able to add back blowdrying. We are hoping by mid June this will be a thing of the past. We will keep our guests in the know for your future appointments.
      Zandi K Support.

    2. I absolutely love my hair. Lindsey was amazing, good energy, we had nothing but a good talks and laughed a lot. Oh yes my hair, amazing! I am very happy with the service and the staff is taking very good protocols. So thank you all. And thank you for reaching out. 🙂

  8. i had at home dye in my hair and i have tried calling to tell you guys but i had no answer or response.

    1. I will let your stylist know and she may need to call you for a facetime consultation to make sure she has enough time for your service. Thank you!
      Zandi K Support

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