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Stressed Out? Stop in to Zandi K. for a fix…

Are you stressed? Who isn’t stressed these days?! We are so constantly bombarded by stimulation and stressors in the world around us that our bodies and minds rarely have a chance to take a break. Over time stress can lead to a buildup of the three stress hormones; epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and cortisol. These hormones were originally designed Read More »

Ombre Hair…The Beautiful Color Melting Technique

Are you bored with your hair color? Has the excitement of your highlights faded? Tired of having to come in every four weeks to make your brown locks blonde? Stop stressing and check out the new trend called Color melting! Color Melting, or the Ombre technique, as stylists call it, has recently been one of Read More »

Hilarious Parody Video

Check out this hilarious video created by Zandi K’s very own Veronica Anderson!

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