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Zandi K

Pain Point… Sticker shock How much is this going to cost?

Guest checks out… Front desk says total today is $$$$$… WTF how is it that much?  Front desk; It says here you added on a root, low light and gloss etc…. Guest; well yeah but how could that possible be $$$$$?  I just showed them a picture how am I supposed to know what they Read More »

Mission towards INTERSECTIONAL inclusion

Zandi K’s mission towards intersectional inclusivity: When I began working at Zandi K salon in 2015 it was about as socially conscious as you would expect any hip, young, Aveda Salon in Denver to be at the time. I was thrilled to be working in a woman owned, environmentally focused, upscale salon, and I felt Read More »

So What Is Eye Brow Microblading?

In this day and age there are new beauty trends popping up every day! Some quickly fade away but others are here for the long haul. One trend that is definitely here to stay is Eye Brow Microblading. Who doesn’t want gorgeous, effortless brows every day?? But what exactly is this Microblading hype and what can Read More »

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