Our Talented Stylists & Staff in Denver

Nicki Wenz Co-Owner: Esthetician / Makeup artist

As co-owner of Zandi K Hair and Skin Studio, Nicki Wenz has been practicing her craft since 2001. Nicki has been recognized as “Best of” Denver for brow shaping by multiple local publications. Her expertise as a makeup artist was recognized nationally in 2005, at which time she became one of only twelve national makeup artists for Aveda. As a makeup artist, Nicki has done countless stage trade shows including Aveda Congress and Aveda Master Jams. Nicki has also worked doing makeup with Aveda’s team at New York Fashion Week, Chicago’s Gold Coast Fashion Week, and L.A. Fashion Week, and her work has been published on Vogue.com. As a national artist she has traveled all over the country doing photo shoots as well as educating future makeup artists. As an Aveda educator, Nicki has taught over 100 professional makeup classes in the US, as well as Canada. In the salon, Nicki is best known for her fast body waxing, precision high arched brow shaping and relaxing facials. As a client, you can always see Nicki to get your makeup done for a special event or even just a lesson to learn new techniques or a seasonal up date for your makeup.

“Your brows should frame your eyes, make them the focal point. They should match your personality; soft and subtle, high and fierce, or somewhere in between.”

Faye Zandi Co-Owner: Hair Stylist

Faye ZandiWhile Faye’s background includes a bachelors degree in Finance and big business corporate experience, her true dedication and passion is, and always has been in the salon industry. She has over 13 years of industry experience as a hairstylist and color specialist, with most of her experience being in the AVEDA network. She has passion for education and has continued to expand her skill base by taking advanced training classes, including AVEDA collection classes where she has been fortunate to learn some of the latest and most cutting edge cut and color techniques. She brings all of this education back to her staff and clients at Zandi K. Hair and Skin Studio. Her industry experience also extends to new talent training and client education, which allows her to provide the highest quality service to her clients and to cultivate the highest level of talent in her team. As a business woman, Faye has been recognized by MSCD’s Center for Innovation as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010, as well as being touted as one of Denver’s Top 30 Under 30 by Lodo Magazine.

“A good haircut shouldn’t have to be styled into submission; it should look great whether you put 5 minutes or 2 hours into your morning.”

Stina Nelson: Salon Manager/Brow Specialist

Stina moved to Denver in 2009 to attend the Aveda Institute. Stina was drawn to Aveda because of the company’s holistic approach to health and beauty. There she received a license in Esthetics in 2010. With nine years retail management experience in cosmetics as her background Stina has worked for many different companies over the years. She apprenticed under co-owner Nicki Wenz for 6 months and while building her clientele she found her passion for the business side of this industry. Stina can help accentuate any face shape with her precision brow shaping. If you need to relax from the stress of your life she can customize a facial just for you and finish your service with a makeup and skincare consultation. She is also known for her fast precise and relatively painless Brazilian waxes.

“The beauty of this business is the ability to transform a person’s appearance, mind state and physical body. I am in the business of transformation and from that transformation comes beauty.” -Stina

Hilary Hackney: Master Hair Stylist

Hilary stylistEver since Hilary was a child she had a desire to create art. After pursuing art in college, she went on to master the skill of designing hair in 2002. Mediocrity was not acceptable, so with hard work and a hunger to learn, she dove head first into the imaginative world of beauty and fashion. It wasn’t long before she was working with some of the top stylists in Colorado. Hilary has now been a master stylist at Zandi K since 2008. With the many hours of practice, and advanced classes, her career has gone to the next level by being part of the creative team at Wilhelmina Denver modeling agency, where she is the lead hair stylist. Being creative is essential to Hilary and what keeps her living life. She lives it, breaths it and loves it! Hilary’s specialties include bridal upstyling and editorial styling. With her background in painting, she enjoys creating new colors that will enhance a guest’s features while tailoring a unique look for each person that sits in her chair. It is Hilary’s mission to use her creativity and expertise to highlight that individual beauty and take that person who is worth a million bucks and have them leaving her chair feeling priceless!

Salvadore Valles: Lead Stylist/Master Hair Stylist

Salvador was born in Mexico and has resided in Denver for a decade. Several years ago Salvador decided to return to his passion for hair and make it his career. Salvador had the opportunity of attending advanced training at Aveda in Denver, specializing in Aveda cut and color. Salvador feels very strongly about continuing education and will always continue furthering his knowledge to sharpen his skills as well as impart his talents among new stylists at Zandi K. Salvador is a very genuine and talented professional, that is very passionate and mindful of his work. In the salon he thrives at Men’s cut’s, blondes, and long luxurious hair. Salvador has the skills to change your day through your look.

“My ability to be completely present combined with my expertise gives an amazing result every time.”


 Hollie Charlton: Lead Stylist/Master Hair Stylist

Hollie Charlton has been doing hair since 2004. She went into an advanced training program to take her skills to an accelerated level and worked her way up to being a master stylist at her first salon. Hollie joined the Zandi K team February of 2011. In 2012, Hollie is also stepping into an educator roll here at Zandi K to share her love and expertise of hair color. She specializes in haircut and color combos that go hand in hand to create the look that is perfect for you.




Holly Martinez: Master Hair Stylist


Holly is a talented diverse stylist who has been practicing her craft for over 12 years. She has trained and worked with Aveda since 2005. She possesses artistic vision and  shows attention to every detail. Holly specializes in precision cuts, dimensional hair color, as well professional Hot Heads extensions. She is also one of Zandi K’s top men’s cutting stylists. She continues to sharpen the skills of her craft by attending advanced education in innovative techniques, as well as industry events such as hair and fashion shows to keep up with new trends and styles, while perfecting classic looks.




Heather Sams: Stylist

Heather was born in Kentucky and raised with the southern ritual of spending hours in the local beauty salon with her mother. Growing up she always loved the arts and has enjoyed creative pursuits her entire life. Although art was her passion, she attended business school and graduated from University of Louisville in 2007. Shortly after,  Heather ventured to Colorado  where simply by chance she got to know one of the lead educators of the Aveda Institute Denver who told Heather that she thought she would be perfect for the beauty industry. After some soul searching, she decided that was the right path for her life and it was then she decided to enroll in the Aveda Institute Denver for the cosmetology program. At Aveda her passion for art became translated to her craft as a hairstylist. Heather is perfectionist at heart and her ability to connect with her guests and listen to their needs made her transition into the world of beauty seem natural. Heather completed the Protégé Program at Zandi K and continues to hone her craft through advanced education and inspiration from all of the talent at Zandi K.

“I love making the world beautiful, one person at a time.”



Panda: Makeup Artist/Esthetician/MassageTherapist

Panda first came to Colorado in 2008 , and graduated from the Aveda Institute Denver with a focus in massage therapy, esthetics, and makeup. She is an Aveda Freelance Artist that has worked with designers Kevin Sayer, Leanne Marshall, and Parke & Ronen at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. She has trained with several corporate educators including global makeup educator Janell Geason and global massage educator Marc Zollicoffer. As a dual licensed therapist who appreciates the full body approach to wellness, Panda particularly enjoys detoxing body treatments and prenatal massage. Since coming to Zandi K, she has expanded her waxing to also include men’s grooming. Whether your needs be skin, body, or makeup related, Panda would be happy to customize a treatment or at home regime for you.




Ranae Crouch: Stylist and Makeup Artist

Ranae StylistRanae Crouch started her career with Aveda in 2007. Since then she has become a successful hairstylist and makeup artist. Her love for Aveda and the beauty industry drives her to keep up with the latest trends and techniques by advancing her knowledge through ongoing education. Through her work, Ranae’s creativity is shown by making her guests feel beautiful through enhancing their favorite features.







Jeremiah Cook: Stylist

JerimiahB&WJerimiahB&WIn 2009 after moving to Denver from Florida, Jeremiah realized his passion for the beauty industry. Having been a nurse for 6 years, Jeremiah was naturally drawn to Aveda’s renewing rituals and combines them with his therapeutic touch. He has been with Aveda for 4 years, completed a 9 month training program and is one of 5 freelance Aveda makeup artists in Colorado. Jeremiah specializes in color-inspired haircuts, combining skin tone, eye color, your busy schedule, and current makeup ability to give a perfectly customized look.